Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 32 Issue 1&2

On the fecundity the goatfish Parupeneus pleurotaenia Playfair

A. E. El-Agamy

It was found that absolutely fecundity of Parupeneus pleurotaenia Playfair from Qatari waters, increased at a rate proportional to the power of 3.35,1.23,0.97 and 0.94 of the total length, body weight age and ovary weight, respectively. The fecundity estimates ranged from 27,000 to 152,000 eggs in the size range 180>300 mm total length. The mean relative fecundity varies from 1190 to 3485 and from 259 to 556 eggs per cm and gram of fish respectively. Ova counts per gram of the ovary weight were calculated for estimating the number of eggs spawn in different batches.

Date : 31-12-1990