Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 31 Issue 1&2

A review of the role of research in capture fisheries.

G. N. Mitra

Starting with the Zoological Survey of India and establishment of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, research on fish and fisheries of the seas around India has been Conducted in several institutions, the activities of whom, have been outlined in the main paper. Indian fisheries has progressed to the saturation point in the inshore waters and exploitation of off-shore areas has started. This has required larger and more sophisticated vessels with considerable investments. The investors require considerable guidance in many aspects including areas of economic fishing, best size of economic vessel, product and market information, optimum gear, etc. In the absence of correct guidance there is wastage of capital and manpower, the ultimate result being that the Industry cannot be self-generating. Observations on the ecological factors in mathematical terms correlated with the fluctuations in the year groups of selected species for a number of years enable various models to be formed which can be gradually revised to simple ones using only the most sensitive parameters to be monitored on a permanent basis. In other words a synoptic approach can be taken up from year to year. This can only be achieved by participation in National programmes by several institutions. The paper details the nature of work and possible programmes along with priority problems faced by investors in capture fisheries

Date : 31-12-1989