Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 30 Issue 1&2

A case study on strengthening of tidal embankment of  brackishwater aquafarm by sedimentary processes in silt cage

A. B. Mukherjee and N. C. Basu

The earthen embankments oi brackish water aquafarm often suffer extensive damages caused as a result of erosion by tidal impacts and owing to unequal settlement of foundation soil since the embankments of brackish water farm are mostly constructed on slushy and permeable bases commonly encountered in deltaic regions where soils have usually poor bearing capacity. Permeable silt cages as erosion control measure have been tried to counteract the erosive forces of tidal flows by sedimentation of silt loads carried by tidal waters. The silt cages worked with success in reducing the tidal stresses on the embankments and helped in strengthening the embankment. During a period of 15 months, 1.08 m sedimentation inside the cage helped in making the berm wide and strong which in turn controlled further erosion and the dyke could be saved.

Date : 31-12-1988