Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 29 Issue 1&2

On the early developmental stages of a few fishes from Vellar Estuary

P. Bensam

Among the many fishes found in Vellar Estuary, a few early developmental stages of Polynemus sextardius, Sillago sihama, Gerres oblongus, G. setiferus, Therapon jarbua, Lates calcarifer and Siganus Javus were collected and identified during 1977-79. Postlarvae of P. sextarlus ranged in total length from 2.5 to 6.5 mm; those of S. sihama from 2.8 to 6.8 mm and juveniles from 8.3 to 150 mm; those of G. oblongus from 2.9 to 17.0 mm; of G. setiferus from 7.6 to 25.0 mm ; T. jarbua from 1.6 to 11.3 nun ; L. calcarifer from 2.1 to 4.9 mm; and S. Javus from 4.8 to 24.0 mm. The eggs of only two species, G. oblongus and T. jarbua could be collected and identified. The paper gives illustrations and brief descriptions of most of these stages, many of them for the first time. Salient features of taxonomic value are mentioned, along with comparison and contrast with similar stages of allied species described.

Date : 31-12-1987