Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 28 Issue 1&2

Studies on the Catshark Chiloscyllium griseum from Indian waters

P. Devadoss

The catshark Chiloscyllium griseum belonging to the family Hemiscyllidae is described in detail from samples collected from both east and west coast of India. Various patterns of growth of individual organs are described. Analysis of data on length-weight relationship showed no significant difference between sexes. Hence a common value of Log W= — 4.8378 + 2.7314 log L is obtained. The shark feeds on bottom fishes and crustaceans. Males mature at 520 mm and females at 530 mm total length. The paired oviduct contains 4 egg-cases, 2 on either side at a time without any embryonic development taking place while inside the oviduct. The egg-cases are laid outside for embryonic development and hatching in the sea water.

Date : 31-12-1986