Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 2 Issue 2

Notes on animal associations 3. A Parthenopid crab Harrovia albolineata Adams and White on a Mariametrid Crinoid Lamprometra sp.

Jones, S. and C. Sankarankutty.

INSTANCES of decapod crustaceans living in association with crinoids are known (Hyman, 1955) and from Indian waters one such example of Galathea elegans living in association with Antedon has been recorded by Southwell (1909) from Okha in the Gulf of Kutch. The same species of anomuran crab was reported from South Africa by Barnard (1950) as commensal on another crinoid, Tropiometra carinata. The brachyuran crab, Harrovia albolineata Adams & White, has already been recorded to live in association with comatulids by Serene et al. (1957-58) in the Gulf of Nhatrang, Vietnam. In this article an association between H. albolineata and Lamprometra sp. is recorded. 


parthenopid crabHarrovia albolineata,Crinoid Lamprometra

Date : 30-12-1960