Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 2 Issue 2

Studies on Indian Copepods 4. Description of the female and a redescription of the male of Pseudodiaptomus ardjuna Brehm (Copepoda:Calanoida) with notes on the distribution and affinities of

Ummerkutty A. N. P.

In 1953, Brehm described a new species of calanoid copepod, Pseudodiaptomus ardjuna from Salsette Island, Thana District, Bombay. He had at his disposal only two male specimens, one of which was damaged. However, he could rightly identify it as a new species of the genus Pseudodiaptomus Herrick and gave a brief description of the male. The female of this species has not so far been described and there is no subsequent report of the male itself from anywhere. This short paper is meant to give a full account of both male and female collected from the South-East coast of India, off Mandapam


Pseudodiaptomus ardjuna

Date : 30-12-1960