Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 2 Issue 2

Studies on Indian Copepods 3. Nearchinotodelphys indicus a new genus and species of Archinotodelphyid Copepod from Indian seas.

Ummerkutty A. N. P.

Hansen (1923) obtained from Phallusia obliqua (=Ascidia obliqua) an interesting species of copepod which he named Cyclopina phallusiae. Hansen himself was uncertain about the correct systematic position of this copepod, for a species of the genus Cyclopina was never known to live within the ascidian. Lang (1949) suggested the creation of a new family Archinotodelphyidae to receive C. phallusiae Hansen and a new species of copepod which he gathered from Pyura georgiana Mchlsn during the Swedish Antarctic Expedition. He placed the two species in two monotypic genera, Archinotodelphys to contain his own new species and Pararchinotodelphys to include C. phallusiae. This was a fitting arrangement in view of the important and far-fetching suggestions he had already made regarding the classification of copepods (Lang, 1948). 


copepods, nearchinodelphys indicus

Date : 30-12-1960