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  • Will there be spot registration?

No. Registration is closed. However, spot registration will be available for senior MBAI members who could not register online but had informed about their participation.

  • When will the registration start on 7 January 2020?

Registration will begin by about 11 am on the 7th Floor of CMFRI on 7/01/2020.

  • I had registered online. How do I know whether my name is there in the registered list of participants?

Please go the MECOSS website   In the list of participants use CTRL-F to search for your name on the page.

  • If my name is absent what should I do?

If you have already made payment and name is not there please contact Mrs Melna 8281958297




  • I had requested for inclusion of my abstract in a specific theme. Will the organisers change the presentation to another? How will I know which session my presentation is?

Yes. The reviewers have sorted the presentations and allotted it to themes which are more apt to for your abstract. You can search in the MECOS 3 website  . Using CTRL –F and find your abstract and the session to which it is allotted.

  • I had requested for oral presentation. But now I find that it is Digital screen. Can I change it to oral presentation?

No. All presentations have been carefully scrutinised and categorised into Express Oral Presentation (EP) or Digital Screen Presentation (DP).  But there is no need for any apprehension. Both EP and DP will be considered at par for evaluation for awards.

  • How will know whether my presentation is oral?

In the web page search for your name by CTRL-F. Against your name the title of your abstract will be indicated. EP indicates Express Presentation and DP means Digital screen presentation (means your presentation is electronic and not oral).

  • How is EP different from conventional poster?

Express oral presentation means your entire presentation will be in a single slide. The details of template and step-wise procedure for making it are given at

Scroll down and pl see General guidelines for preparing electronic presentations (DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PPT FILE), How to prepare an electronic presentation using MS-PowerPoint

  • Does that mean I don’t have to print the matter?

Yes. You don’t have to print the presentation. It will be screened at the venue and you can see it anytime in the respective halls.

  • How much time is there for Express Oral Presentation?

Three minutes. The timings are very strict and the ppt will be switched off automatically at the end of three minutes.

  • Will it be possible to complete the presentation in three minutes?

Yes. You can. You are allowed to keep only one slide as per the template given. (pl see reply to FAQ5)
There will be no discussion immediately after the presentation. There will be time keepers and you will be unable to continue after the third minute. So it is advised that you try to present the salient findings before the time lapses. Avoid lengthy narrations in introduction and methodology.

  • Does that mean I cannot prepare a presentation where I can change the slides one after the other, even if I am confident of keeping time?

 You cannot. Only one slide in the prescribed template is allowed and it should be complete in all aspects. That way you save time.

  • In the screen where Digital presentations are loaded, how can I access my presentation? Or any particular presentation which I am interested to view?

All presentations will be loaded in the PC/ TV screens placed in the DP hall on the 7th floor, beside the main conference hall. You can view your presentation by using your abstract code to search.

  • Is it necessary to send the digital presentations by 3rd January?

Yes. We have to compile and make it available to all by 7th Jan, 2020.  Please send by email to



  • I am a student and I cannot afford the hotel rates. Is there any hostel facility available

There are limited low budget rooms. Please visit the page  on MECOS3 website and make your booking online. If you share your accommodation with a friend you can halve the cost.

  • Will the CMFRI guest house be available?

No. It is reserved for former staff of the Institute. You can contact the event manager Mr Santosh (+91 9447 465 549/ +91-484-4029902) for more details.



  • I would like to compete for the young Marine Biologist award. What should I do?

At the time of registration at the counter on 7th Jan, 2020 you have to indicate your interest and you will have to give a copy of proof of age at the counter. The contestant should be the lead and presenting author.

  • Earlier there were separate awards for oral and poster presentations. So now are there any changes?

Yes. Now all presentations (EP and DP) are considered at par. No discrimination between types of presentation. Moreover there are more opportunities to win awards this time. Four awards are instituted now. Please see the details at

  • Will there be opportunity to interact with the judges?

Yes. The presentations (both EP and DP) will be displayed on the screens in Digital screen Presentation Hall. Themes specific to the sessions of each day can be viewed in the halls from 9am to close of the day. Announcements will be made during the period of evaluation and the authors will be asked to be ready for interacting with the Judges.



  • When and where can I get the participation and presentation certificate?

These certificates will not be issued at the venue. It will be mailed as PDF to you within a fortnight and you can take a print of it.



  • Will the organisers provide lunch and dinner?

Lunch will be arranged at the venue and will not be charged separately. However, there will not be lunch coupons. You will have to wear your identity tags provided during Registration. This is mandatory.
Dinner will be available on payment at the exhibition site arranged in the CMFRI campus. We are providing a variety of seafood. There will be food stalls for the vegetarian participants also.  



  • Where can I get the program guide and abstract book?

There will not be a printed program guide or abstract book. However an app is provided by the organisers and can be downloaded from Playstore (android phones) or Appstore (Apple phones). Search for MECOS3 in the stores.  All details regarding the speakers, time schedule and other information can be obtained through the app. You can also add papers of interest as favorites for which notifications will come on your phone. You can also scan the QR code provided in the webpage or registration area to access the app.
The Book of abstracts will not be printed. However, the pdf of the book of abstracts will be available in the app and also in the website once it is ready.



  • Understood that on 8th January there will be Nation-wide general strike called by the trade unions. Will it affect the symposium? Will we be able to commute?

The normal traffic in Kerala is generally low during nation-wide strikes. However, we will be proceeding with the conduct of symposium. Travel assistance from hotels is provided to those who have booked hotels through the event manager.  ( )


  • Where can I get Receipts for Registration amount paid online?

The receipts will be given at the registration desk.  Please ask and get the receipts.

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