Symposium Tracks

Track 1: Marine Fisheries and Management

     Stock status and fish biology
     Application of remote sensing and GIS in fisheries
     Ecosystem based fisheries management
     Conservation, governance and policy issues
     Oceanic / deep sea resources
     Fishery certifications, eco-labelling
     IUU fishing
     MPAs and fish refugia
   ​  Rebuilding and recovery of stocks Predictive models and forecasts

Track 2: Aquaculture Production Systems

     Finfish, shellfish, seaweed and minor invertebrate farming
     Innovations in broodstock management  and larval rearing
     Nutrition - feed enrichment and live feeds 
     Value chain development
     Grow out systems, IMTA, CBA
     Organic farming , eco-labelling, certifications,
     Aquaculture policies and legal framework
     Environmental impact of farming
     Responsible aquaculture

Track 3: Marine Biodiversity, climate change and ecosystem assessments

     Biodiversity and ecosystem valuations
     Habitat loss and restorations
     Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation 
     Coastal vulnerability
     Pollution assessments and ecosystem indicators
     Endangered, threatened & protected species 
     Small and large island ecosystems

Track 4: Responsible harvest and post harvests

     Green and smart gears
     By-catch reduction devices
     Quality assurance, standards and  products
     Fishery byproducts and waste utilization
     Seafood safety
     Packaging, market development and exports

Track 5: Marine Biotechnology

     Fish Diseases and Fish Health Management 
     Bioactive compounds and drugs from sea
     Populations genetics and molecular taxonomy
     Genetics in Aquaculture

Track 6: Marine Biotechnology

     Key issues in fisher livelihood security
     Patterns of production and change
     Gender mainstreaming
     Market intelligence
     WTO impacts on fisheries

Special Track: Celebrating 50th Anniversary of International Indian Ocean Expedition

We deem it fit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IIOE by having a special session in MECOS-2.  Major findings of the IIOE will be displayed and participants of the IIOE research programs will be felicitated. 

​Eminent oceanographers will deliver special talks on the physics, chemistry and biogeography of the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas.

The Venue

dream hotel